Canada's Outstanding Young Farmer Program - History

The Outstanding Young Farmers Program originated in the United States in 1954. In 1979, the Calgary Jaycees, with the support of the Alberta/Northwest Territories Region Jaycees, proposed the introduction of a similar program to foster better urban-rural relations and recognize farmers’ achievements. The first Canadian national recognition event was held in November 1980 as an official program of the Canadian Junior Chamber/Jaycees.

To recognize and promote young farmers who exemplify excellence and innovation in their profession. This program spotlights and profiles young men and women who have achieved success and who demonstrate leadership in the agriculture industry. It is further the aim of this program to develop among urban Canadians a growing awareness of the importance and impact of farming on the Canadian economy. This program unites top farmers from Alberta and across Canada providing an excellent networking opportunity to continue to grow their farms and succeed as farm business leaders