2017 Nominees

Marc & Hinke Therrien, Redwater, Alberta

Marc and Hinke both started off their agricultural careers in the feed industry working for Co-op Feeds and Hinke, later with HiPro Feeds in Sherwood Park..  As time progressed, Marc quit his Feed Sales position to take on a job as Assistant Manager on a large broiler farm with the goal to gain some hands on farming experience. In 2012 The Pine Valley Family farm had a sudden change in management and they were offered the opportunity to rent the farm and run it for a two year term. Marc moved to the Redwater location in 2013 and oversaw the building of the new barns, after a devastating fire took 2 barns. He managed all poultry productions at Redwater, while Hinke stayed behind at Pine valley with a hired hand and oversaw the poultry production there as they slowly moved full production over to Redwater.  They recently purchased the new location in 2015.

Their future goals are not only to continue producing a high quality product but give back to the industry by running for the Provincial Board and involvement with the University of Alberta, with in their community and with friends as an Advocate of Agriculture.  Their initial involvement with the new community was hosting a local County Agricultural farm tour, along with several university student group tours. Further long term goals also include diversifying into grain and broiler production.

Over the past 5 years of producing turkeys, they have been able to double their production every year starting around 450,000 kgs. the first year and all the way to 1,650,000 kgs in 2015.  And during all this building, moving, renovating, working and bookwork, they managed to have three children Annelies (4),  Emile (3) and Natalie who arrive last March.

The 38th annual  Event in 2017 was held at...

Where: Olds, AB

When: Feb. 9&10

Location: Pomeroy Inn